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Exeter Wedding Photographer | Devon Wedding Photographer | Thom Stewart

Hi there, I’m Thom. I’m an Aussie from Sydney. I spend half my year shooting weddings in Australia (November until May). Then when it gets cold, I head over to the UK and spend the other half as an Exeter Wedding Photographer, shooting weddings in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and all over the UK and Europe.

My lovely wife also travels with me. She’s a wedding videographer, and together we make an unbeatable team.

While I'm an Exeter wedding photographer, I actually spend my time in the UK living in a lovely town called Teignmouth, on the coast near Exeter. While I make this my home base, I absolutely love exploring, and I'm pretty much happy to travel anywhere in the UK (or Europe) to shoot your wedding.

2019 saw me all over the UK for weddings, from London to the Isle of Wight, to Devon and Kent. I also shot two weddings last year in Ireland which was awesome.

Why you need me as your Exeter Wedding Photographer

Look, it isn’t easy choosing a someone to document your wedding day. So to help you out in this process, I’ve put together a list of five reasons you need me as your Exeter Wedding Photographer. Here goes:

1. I once fell in a fountain at a wedding. I’m not even kidding. It was at the end of the ceremony, in front of all the guests. I ended up completely submerged. But I stood up, got out, smiled and kept shooting (much to the shock of the guests) for the rest of the day. I nailed that wedding and shot some awesome images. What’s my point? Pretty much nothing can stop me at your wedding, not even falling in a fountain.

2. Your Mum will love me. Look, I’m just a really friendly guy, and I try to be really easy to get along with. Not just with you and your fiancé, but your Mum, Dad, bridal party, all the rest of your family and friends. My couples often tell me their wedding guests kept asking ‘who’s that photographer, he’s so friendly!’ Well, that friendly photographer was me!

3. I’ve photographed over 500 weddings in my career of ten years as an Exeter Wedding Photographer, at which I’ve taken over 2,000,000 images. If it’s happened at a wedding, I’ve experienced it, which I feel makes me pretty well qualified.

4. I like adventure. We will climb fences. We will find cows to pat. We will climb trees. And the entire time, you’ll be having so much fun that you will forget I’m even holding a camera. I don’t want to take boring wedding photos. So we won’t do boring things. 

A great place to start if you’re new to my site is at my portfolio – you can click here to check it out. 

*If your original wedding plans have been disrupted due to Covid, and you’re planning a last minute elopement / small wedding instead, I’d LOVE to be involved. I’ll happily work with you to design a custom quote for a smaller package that suits!*

Wedding films

When you book me as your Exeter wedding photographer, you can also book my wife Michelle to shoot a beautiful highlight film. You can click here to see some of her films, or just watch the one below. Michelle films are beautiful, unpretentious, and accompany my photos perfectly. We also work really well as a team (after all, we're married). You can also click here to see the full blog post of the Positano wedding in the film below.

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