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I’m an Aussie wedding photographer based in Devon for half the year, from May until October. Over the last 13 years I’ve shot more than 800 weddings throughout the Australia, the UK and the world. I love my job and I’d love to be involved in your wedding 😀

If you’re new to my site, I suggest you start here at my portfolio. These are some of my favourite images I’ve shot over the last few years.

If you’d like to know more about the way I work, you can find my FAQ here.

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My #1 objective is to ensure that I don’t take away from your fun day. I don’t want my presence to be annoying or frustrating. I want to glide into the day like a random uncle who is funny but not weird, and who all your guests enjoy being around.

Later on, after the wedding when you’re looking at your photos, I want you to say to each other:
‘HA that was fun! And also Tom wasn’t weird at all, and he didn’t push us too far with photos, and he recognised when we just wanted to finish up and head to the reception and drink wine with our mates.

He didn’t detract from our day – he made it better’ 😍

A bride and groom embrace at their wedding on the island of Hvar in Croatia

What’s that – you feel akward in front of the camera?

If you answered YES, then you’re my ideal couple 😀

None of the couples youi see on my site are models; none of these photos are from styled shoots or editorials. These are all real couples, like you, who were most probably just as apprehensive about having their photo taken as you are. In fact at my own wedding I was nervous about my photos too, so I feel you. Don’t worry – we’re going to have fun.


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A little more about how I shoot

Sure, it’s great to have some wedding-day portraits to hang on the wall. But the real value in wedding photography isn’t the posed or staged shots. It’s in the little unplanned moments that no-one could have expected or planned for. There are hundreds of these moments happening at every single wedding, and documenting these is what inspires me every time I go to work. 

Even when we off taking portraits, I try to make the entire affiar as relaxed and natural as possible. Most of the time you won’t even realise I’m taking photos, you’ll be having so much fun! 

And less time away from them to take photos. I’m very aware of how special weddings are. This might be the only time that this exact group of people is in the one place at the same time. You shouldn’t have to miss out on that just so we can take hours of portraits. That’s why all I need for portraits is 30 minutes. The rest of the time you should spend with your guests! 

You’ve spent ages choosing all the little details: your dress, flowers, place card, etc. Helping you plan the run sheet for your wedding day means I make sure I have plenty of time to shoot every little detail you’ve organised, both while you’re getting ready, and also before your reception begins. 


My aim is to take photographs that you’ll still be obsssed
with in twenty years time.

Like this one 😍


I offer two different amounts of wedding day photography coverage: 6 hours and 8 hours. After 800 weddings, I’ve figured out that 95% of couples need either 6 or 8 hours of photography at their wedding. 6 hours normally covers the ceremony, portraits and all reception formalities (and some dancing!), and 8 hours adds in getting ready photos of both you and your partner.

I’m also more than happy to shoot for fewer than 6 hours, or more than 8 hours – just ask me for a custom quote.

You can click below for a bit more info, or contact me for a full package list.