A newly married couple embrace in a photo by Thom Stewart, UK + European Wedding Photographer

UK + European Wedding Photographer.

Hey there, legends.

I'm glad you made it!

I'm Thom. I'm based in the south of France. I shoot weddings all through France, Europe, and the UK.

Getting married somewhere in the UK or Europe? I'd love to shoot your wedding

I’m an Aussie from Sydney. I spend half my year shooting weddings in Australia (November until May). Then when it gets cold, I head over to the South of France and spend the other half shooting as a UK + European wedding photographer.

My lovely wife also travels with me. She’s a wedding videographer.

I also have an Australian website – you can click here to see it. 

A bride and groom walk around an incredible old venue at their Ireland wedding

wedding photography THROUGHOUT



Gloster House, Ireland

I hear you; so many of the wedding photos you've probably seen are just boring. BORING! Dark, moody photos of couples that look relatively unhappy. Bridal parties striking ridiculously tacky poses (while clearly wishing they could be somewhere else). Brides and grooms who have been stiffly posed into super-unrealistic scenarios that don't at all reflect the fun they're actually having on their wedding day. I've seen these photos too, and I can't stand them.

So, when I became a wedding photographer, I basically decided to take photos that are, well, the opposite of these :)

Quirky. honest. fun.

these are my wedding photography goals

A bride and groom embrace at their wedding on the island of Hvar in Croatia

So, Australia (where I'm from) is a wonderful place in summer: beaches, sun, outdoor activities. But in winter it just isn't that great. So every Aussie winter my wife and I escape to France, where we own a house near Dordogne.

From May to October, we are based in France and shoot weddings throughout Europe and the UK. From November to April, we live near Sydney and shoot weddings in Australia.

2019 saw me all over the UK for weddings, from London to the Isle of Wight, to Devon and Kent. I also shot two weddings last year in Ireland which was awesome.

Wedding films

When you book me as your UK + European wedding photographer, you can also book my wife Michelle to shoot a beautiful highlight film. You can click here to see some of her films, or just watch the one below. Michelle films are beautiful, unpretentious, and accompany my photos perfectly. We also work really well as a team (after all, we're married). You can also click here to see the full blog post of the Positano wedding in the film below.

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