Weddings, cats and other amazing facts about us…

What am I like?

I’m super fun and really easy going. You would love to have me at your wedding. How can you tell? My amazing beard. My wife doesn’t have one, which you shouldn’t hold against her, there is still time.

If we could be an animal, what would we be?

Cats. Michelle and I love cats (and all animals) and whatever house we are in is often a menagerie of adopted, stray and/or fostered animals. If there are animals at your wedding, be warned that there will be many snuggles (we will also snuggle you if you like!).

Why do we want to shoot weddings overseas?

We think weddings are super fun, and being a part of them is an amazing way to see parts of the world we wouldn’t get to see otherwise, and meet people we wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. We have been to teeny islands in northern Norway, ends of the earth Iceland, small town Canada, on beaches in Croatia, and all other corners of this planet to see lovely people get hitched. We cannot get enough of seeing new places.

How did I meet my wife?

I am glad you asked. My friend, who is a quantum physicist, also moonlights as a movie director. He wrote a movie about a whale meat smuggling operation and I was acting in it. It was being filmed at the worst/dirtiest bar you can imagine. Michelle turned up and we hit it off. She knew she wanted to marry me the night we met! I think she changed her mind back and forth a bit but then we got married, so it’s too late now.

How did we end up in Teignmouth, South Devon?

So, we had a house exchange all planned and were all set to go to Wales to live a teeny tiny town in the middle of nowhere. The people on the other end pulled out and so we ended up having booked a lot of weddings and findings ourselves homeless while in the UK. We put the word out, and it just so happened that our good friends had just (as in-that very week!) bought a flat in Teignmouth and were looking for people to rent it for a little while. It all worked out incredibly well because we have totally fallen in love with the area. We cannot believe that we might have spent our time here in the UK huddled in the rain and wind instead!