A newly married couple in the golden sun after their Iceland elopement
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Budir Iceland Elopement | Angela + Iwan

If you go pretty much to the edge of the earth, and then a little further, you’ll reach this wild, magical place called Iceland. Once you arrive, if you head west almost as far as you can go to the Snæfellsnes peninsula, you might come across a wide, wind-blown plain, veiled with long grass, shouldered by muscled, snow-capped peaks, called Budir. It is here at Budir that this Iceland elopement takes place.


Budir’s fabled black church sits on a small bluff: proud, defiant; seemingly unaffected by the vicious arctic weather that beats down for much of the year. Standing in front of the Budir church you hear various things: gulls overhead, the crash of waves from the ocean close-by, wind through the long grass. The vast mountain range to the north is ever-present; an epic sentinel to the couples that exchange vows below. Such was the scene for this Iceland elopement.

This place… you can’t visit this place without changing. You arrive, you spend time here, and when you leave… well, you’re just different.

It is one thing to experience Iceland as a tourist; I believe, however, that experiencing this place through a wedding or elopement is quite another thing altogether. I met Angela and Iwan at Hotel Budir. They had flown in from Boston, whereas I had come from Zagreb. I hung out while they got ready; then we piled into my rented 4wd and went off to explore (if you visit Iceland, don’t just hire a normal car – a 4wd can take you places you quite simply can’t believe can exist on this earth). I’m so glad we had a 4wd for this wonderful Iceland elopement.

As the day progressed, we pushed further into those rugged mountains and then came out the other side. The sun began to dip towards the horizon, and those Budir long grasses exploded with fire (you’ll see, below).


The honest truth is this: I was, and remain, deeply moved by this intimate Iceland wedding. I’m always amazed at the friendships that I am able to forge with people in just a few short hours of one day. If you’re a wedding photographer then I know you’ll understand; if you’re not, then you’ll just have to take my word for it  x

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A newly married couple post during their Iceland elopement

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