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Lofoten Islands Elopement | Maz + Dave

Have you ever listened to a song, and realised that it made you feel nostalgic for a time you’ve never lived, or a place to where you’ve never been? You know, there’s actually a word for this exact feeling: Anemoia  (you can google it). This is pretty much how I felt during Maz + Dave’s Lofoten Islands elopement. 

This place IS anemoia. All those times I listened to a song and pined for some place I couldn’t possibly have been to; well, it turns out I was pining for Lofoten. This Lofoten Islands Elopement remains one of the most wonderful experiences of my career, and I’m so happy to share it with you. 


On a cold summer’s day Michelle and I drove our rental car off the ferry in the tiny, so so tiny town of Moskenes. Fat gulls cautiously welcomed us as they circled above. The air was crisp and clear, and the ocean rusty grey, like the skin of a whale. Impossibly quaint cottages (some blue, some red) perched on the edges of craggy boulders at the oceanside, pulling at my heart in way that I found quite overwhelming. And with the whale-grey ocean at my back, the snowy peaks in front of me were dark, mute sentinels with their shoulders in the clouds. The perfect place for a Lofoten Islands elopement.


A little about how we came to be here in the first place. Maz is a talented wedding photographer based near Perth. She had originally planned a wedding near her home – you know, 100 or so people, a big party. She asked me to come along to document this. After some planning, however, she and Dave decided this big party thing wasn’t really what they both wanted. Burning deep inside was a sense of adventure, which after some thought they decided to follow.

I couldn’t have asked to spend my time shooting a Lofoten Islands elopement with more kind, wonderful people than these two.

So, at 68 degrees north in the arctic circle, on the summer solstice, and beneath a tempestuous Norwegian sky, Maz and Dave were married. It was bitterly cold; it was raining.

And it was perfect.

If you’re planning a Lofoten Islands elopement, I’d love to hear from you. You might also like to check out this Iceland Elopement that I shot a few years back. 

A newly married couple run from the rain during their Lofoten Islands elopement

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