I had the absolute please of spending three months in Europe and the UK in 2016. During this time I photographed three weddings. One of those was this Port Lympne Mansion Wedding. I had never even considered that someone on this earth was a wedding venue that was also combined with a zoo, so when I learned about Port Lympne Mansion, I was super excited that I’d get to shoot there.

I arrived on the morning of the wedding, bright eyed and excited, to have a look around. The place felt like it wasn’t in the UK but was straight out of Africa or India. Sprawling gardens with a huge mansion in the centre. I also heard some odd noises from close by – the animals!

What an awesome venue this is – A Port Lympne Mansion wedding

The girls got ready in a wonderful room with paintings of animals on all the walls. The ceremony was held in a lovely courtyard a very short walk from the rooms. Then, while the bridal party and I spent some time on the grounds taking photos, Michelle went on ‘safari’ with the guests in these huge 4wd buses. Giraffes, monkeys, and a whole heaps of other African animals welcomed the guests while the bride and groom had their photos taken. I think this is wonderful to ensure the guests are occupied during your Port Lympne Mansion wedding.

I’ve thought lots about the idea of a ‘soul mate’; that in the world there’s one person that each of us is meant to be with – one, and only one. I’m not sure I believe things are this simple. In a world with so many wonderful people, multiple potential soul mates seems to make a lot more sense.

Maybe, instead of being a pre-ordained single person, your ‘soul mate’ is simply the one that you grow to be unable to live without; that one from many with whom you choose to walk this earth and share this adventure called life.

This seems a lot more plausible to me

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A newly married couple at their Port Lympne Mansion wedding

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