If you’d like an overview of my style of photography, and the kinds of images I love to shoot and deliver, this is a good place to start. My aim at every wedding is to document the day as I see it; not just your relationship with your partner, but all the little moments happening around you. The moments that you might not notice, because – you know – you’re busy getting married.

Generally I’ll shoot for around 8 hours on a wedding day. I’ll cover a little of you both getting ready, all the way through to some partying at the reception. I think this is the perfect amount time for me to be shooting.

I’m not sure if the images below are my ‘best’; this is a pretty subjective concept anyway. But when I think back over the last few years to the images that I remember the most – the ones that stick out in my mind – these are a few of the ones that I remember.

If you like my work, and you’d like me to document your day, please reach out.