Timberyard Edinburgh Wedding Photographer // Kenny + Daniel

In July this year I spent the day with these two warm, gentle and welcoming souls as their Timberyard Edinburgh wedding.

Deep in the city centre there’s a place called Timberyard, which is (not surprisingly) an old converted warehouse where timber was cut. High ceilings, exposed beams, and absolutely incredible food. A Timberyard wedding felt like eating at home with the extended family – it was wonderful.

I really love when a couple gets ready together. Kenny and Daniel helped with each other’s ties in the living room of their apartment (no reason to get a hotel room when your apartment is this beautiful.)

My day as a Timberyard Edinburgh wedding photographer

Kenny, Daniel and I wandered through the streets of the city before their ceremony, stopping here and there to take some photos. It felt pretty surreal to be shooting in this ancient city full of more history than my mind can comprehend. As we passed people in the street, they often broke out in huge grins and conveyed their warm wishes. The ceremony and reception were in an incredible converted timber-yard right in the city centre. A few times during the afternoon I snuck outside to stare up in awe at the huge castle hulking over the city.

What a wonderful, magical city is Edinburgh. I find that some cities feel alive, like they have their own character and personality, and I absolutely put Edinburgh in that category. It’s one of the few larger cities that I feel I could live in quite easily. I wonder how many other amazing wedding venues there are here, tucked away in side streets. I’d love to shoot at them all.

If you’re planning a Timberyard Edinburgh wedding and you’re looking for a photographer, I’d love to hear from you! You might also want to check out this Port Lympne Mansion wedding.

A same sex couple embrace in the streets at their Timberyard Edinburgh wedding

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